Top Up

As you all know, on February 25, 2016, you woke up to see that you could no longer top up your SuperCashBox account. That was really unexpected even for us, the SuperCashBox team. It all happened very fast.

It was all unexpected for participants due to a delay in posting this information online.

In this post, we’ll explain in details what happened and solicit your help in overcoming this situation.

Stability and risks

SuperCashBox is a mutual financing system. It incorporates a mathematical model that provides certain stability to the project, as confirmed by the long-term operation of the system.

However, there are risks in the project as described in the rules. The risk here is that a participant may one day decide not to finance other participants by stopping to top up his account balance.

Ethical principles

The SuperCashBox team adheres to strict ethical principles. One of these principles is to do everything possible to ensure that the project keeps on functioning smoothly. The team members are themselves participants in the project, and receive their income from participating in the project. Therefore, they are equally interested in ensuring that the project functions as smoothlyas possible and last longer.

Another ethical question is on what to do if the risks described in the rules suddenly arise and the team discovers that money inflow is clearly not enough for payouts. To what extent does the team have the moral right to continue to accept new deposits from participants? If it is obvious that these participants will certainly not receive their payouts and that the project is inevitably dying, then continuing to accept deposits from these people is in fact a robbery that does not fit into the team’s principles on how to act properly.

So, the answer to these issues is as follows: as soon as the team clearly understands that the rate by which participants top up their accounts have drastically reduced to the extent that the project has no chance for survival, then the team will have to take the arbitrary decision of stopping accepting funds.

It is was totally unacceptable for the team, in the case that the project is obviously going to be closed down, to first accept money from participants and then stop account top up. The principle here is that no extra penny is accepted if the project is obviously going to be suspended or closed.

On the other hand, if there is hope that a bad situation can be rescued and the risks eliminated, the team would continue to do everything possible to achieve that.

Our team has worked till today under the above principles. But today, it has become clear that risks have emerged and that the project has no chance to continue to function normally. That is why acceptance of funds was stopped.

So what’s next?

You have to pedal a bicycle to make it to start riding. To have payouts, we must first have deposits. Considering the current situation, it’s not yet clear how this can be achieved. According to our estimates, we need to attract about 300 to 500 thousand thetas to be able to secure regular payouts within a month and to quench the panic and people’s reluctance to take risks creatingmore targets and deposits.

But we can attract these funds only from the participants themselves. So the question now is: Are participants willing to make new contributions to revive the project? Are they ready to step up all efforts and are they, despite all obstacles, willing to actively invite new members to the project?

For now, we can’t answer the above questions. The answers would greatly determine the fate of the project. We’ve decided to ask each participant and have created an online survey:

  1. How much long-term deposit are you willing to make for the continuation of the project?

  2. Are you ready to support the team and start to actively invite new members right now?


The survey showed that a lot of participants are ready to support the project with new contributions.

Deposit button was activated.

Participants were encouraged to top up their account balance in cash for 40 weeks or more.


Now you have known how planned line of actions and deadlines, you may still have important questions such as:

Where is the guarantee that this would work? It is obvious that no matter the amount we contribute in the initial phase, participants still have large amounts on their account balance and the entire amount raised can be paid back to them in a few hours.

On what will the funds raised be spent?

What will be the immediate changes in the marketing of the project?

What future changes and improvements are expected in the project?

Where is the guarantee that this would work?

Why can’t the raised funds be paid out within a few hours? After all, many of the participants suffered losses and are shocked, and the only thing they care about at the moment is how to get back their initial deposits.

Let’s address this question right away. Participants will be able to receive their previous deposits even with a profit only when the project starts working with renewed vigor. Our first goal is to achieve this. Of course, the funds raised will be spent on payouts. Payout screens and massive video reviews by happy enthusiastic participants are the best advertising we could ever wish for! This will propel the project towards new mass movement and growth.

But who will receive these payouts? We will balance the process reasonably. To achieve proper balance, we’ll launch a special payout balancing mechanics at the initial time after launching.


We’re introducing a new concept: cash flow is the amount that you will be able to regularly withdraw from your account every week! The cash flow balancing system will be as follows:

Growth. Each week, cash flow will increase by 5% of the value in the previous week. That is, even if you do nothing, cash flow will itself grow in a geometrical progression, gradually opening up the possibility of withdrawing ANY amount from your account. A 5% growth rate per week is much more higher than the growth rate of the most profitable SuperCashBox deposits. This means that cash flow growth rate will always outpace the growth rate of deposits.

Account top up. Each time you top up your account, cash flow automatically increases by the top up amount. For example, if you top up your balance by 1000 thetas, cash flow will be immediately increased by 1000 thetas.

Affiliate program. If you have received referral commissions from your 1st level referrals, your cash flow will immediately increase by the referral commission amount multiplied by 2. This means that if you invited a new member to the project and he or she created a Rentier program for 1000 thetas, and 100 thetas was credited to your account as referral commission, then your cash flow will automatically increase by 200 thetas.

Conclusion. Each withdrawal from the system reduces cash flow by that amount withdrawn. For example, if you requested for payout of 100 thetas, your cash flow will automatically reduce by 100 thetas. You shouldn’t worry about this because cash flow increases automatically every week. Moreover, this is the same mechanism that would motivate our passive members to withdraw funds less often and to sometimestop up their account, invite new members, create new targets and open new deposits. Cash flow will also increase as the project grows.

Temporariness. It is quite possible that the cash flow mechanics will later be replaced with a much more improved system, which, according to plans, will soon go into development.


Week 1

Your initial cash flow is equal to 0.

During the week, you topped up your account with 200 thetas and created a deposit of 200 thetas for the 40th week

Week 2. A new week

Your cash flow will increase by 200 thetas for the top up made

You will receive in your account 5% of 0 thetas – your cash flow in the previous week. This 5% amounts to 0 thetas.

Total cash flow at the beginning of the week will be 200 + 0 = 200 thetas

During the week, you received 50 thetas as referral commission from your 1st level referrals.

Week 3. Another new week

You will receive 5% of 200 thetas – your cash flow in the previous week. This 5% amounts to 10 thetas.

For receiving 50 thetas as referral commission from 1st level referrals, your cash flow will increase by 200% of the 50 thetas, i.e., your cash flow will increase by 100 thetas.

Total cash flow at the beginning of the week will be 200 + 10 + 100 = 310 thetas

During the week, you withdrew 200 thetas that you initially deposited

Week 4. Another new week

200 thetas is deducted from your cash flow for the withdrawal you made the previous week.

You will receive 5% of 310 thetas – your cash flow in the previous week. This 5% amounts to 15.50 thetas.

Total cash flow at the beginning of the week will be 310 — 200 + 15.50 = 125.50 thetas.

That is, you topped up your account balance by 200 thetas, and then withdrew the amount, and after that, you can withdrawextra 125.50 thetas. That’s how your cash flow grows.



The first and probably most important is that our present situation is not a standard one. Many participants have correctly noticed that it’s a real break off in framework. First, the project team is made up of honest people and they have even stopped accepting funds based on their ethical principles that forbid them from taking a dime from someone! Secondly, the participants themselves are raising funds in order to re-start the engine of the project and move on. This is fantastic! Together with you, we’re breaking off all the known framework of Internet projects.


If we are able to succeed, it will be an incredible power of new movement, which has an ideology. A movement based on honesty and awareness. And most importantly, a movement based on REFUSAL by participants to suffer defeat.

The powers that be are afraid of the birth of such informed and prospering groups, who are moving forward by their own initiative, as a wave, sweeping away everything in its path. We have all the chances to become such a strong team!

This is the first reason why we want to win. We want to show ourselves to the whole world that our lives can encounter not only losses but also failures. We want to show that we are able to determine our own future, and that we are a formidable force together that can prosper and make things go right.


Payout schedule

Robust mathematics lies at the heart of the SuperCashBox service, and everything is done based on good payout schedule computation. But then, you may ask why the project was stopped.

Yes, there was an error in the growth forecastof the payout schedule. The error could not be avoided. The essence of the error was that when the actual growth rate of the project was at 5-7% per week, payouts in the schedule for the coming weeks (which fell within New Year 2016) were planned based on specially underestimated forecast of 3.5% growth rate. But problems began in mid-July when the growth rate fell to 2% in the week and climbed back to 5-7% only due to the launching of new products and promos. As a result, much more payouts were scheduled for the New Year than can be ensured on the basis of the actual growth dynamics.

So what next?


Recalculation of payout schedule

Clause 13 of the rules of the Community deals with recalculation of payout schedule.

The idea is that the payout date will be simply pushed aside in order to straighten any “bump” and remove any excess load. As a result, the project will not be stopped but rather there will be a slight shift in payout dates, according to the rules and everyone will continue to move forward togetherwith fun.

So why did the project team not apply this wonderful mechanics? In fact, this mechanics is good in theory but does not factor in human psychology. Let’s look into the matter.

First, the payout schedule has never been recalculated before over the entire life of the project and no one was prepared for this because it wasn’t some kind of a routine.

Secondly, the team has each time managed to smooth out any “bumps” in the payout schedule with the help of shares and all sorts of boosts.

Thirdly, the project has in recent years been very popular among the so-called hypers, investors, bloggers and opinion leaders, who react to any changesvery sensitively and nervously. These are people, who, at the slightest suspicion that something is wrong with the project, begin to spread mass rumors, recommending their audience not to invest any more in the project and to immediately withdraw their funds.

Now, in view of these factors, you can imagine what would have happened after suddenly announcing our plans to recalculate the payout schedule. There would have been panic, which would dramatically lead to rapid collapse of the project. That was why we immediately cut off this option because participants would most likely not have positively accepted it.


We took another path: at the moment when all the reserve funds were quickly used up within the last 3 weeks, at a time when, according to the rules, it would have been necessary to recalculate the payout schedule, we stopped the project (for this was still inevitable) and decided to agree with the participants on the next steps to take.

Recalculation of the payout schedule is in fact a great tool. If we can perceive it positively and accept it exactly as what it really is – a tool that actually protects the project from destruction – then the project would become truly “eternal”!


Right reaction

The ideal reaction by a participant to daily recalculation of the payout schedule should be comprehensible and a little enthusiastic: “Yeah, here comes the recalculation of payout schedule that ensures that I won’t FOR SURE lose my money and that I’ll continue to get my payouts for a long time to come. I don’t really care that my payouts have been shifted by a few weeks. It’s not a big deal. It’s much more important that I and other people would sooner or later be able to receive the payouts in full. That’s why I can COURAGEOUSLY recommend our project to other people. I can courageously invite my friends and relatives, explaining to them the stability frameworkof the project and I won’t ever be ashamed because neither they nor I would ever suffer losses. The very fact that the payout schedule will be recalculated sometimes convinces me more and more that the project is eternal. That’s why I’d still risk some large amount of money and make one more contribution.”


As a result of such optimistic attitude, we continue to enhance confidence from participants and most importantly – more deposits from older participants and increased inflow of new members!

So, maybe, it’s time you and us grew up and realized the power of this tool, and move into a new reality in which we aren’t afraid of the slightest rustle, panic, bloggers and negative feedback? When we boldly participate by ourselves, we do so because we understand the mechanism and enormity of this tool; we see it in action and we use each recalculation as an important instructive information occasion to bring the stability framework of the project to other participants.

Think about how great it is to sleep peacefully and not worry about your deposits. It’s truly great when you count your financial strategy in the long run! This is the new reality for this planet. The new format of financial interactions between people.A bottomless mutual benefit fund. It’s quite possible for SuperCashBox to become a new large-scale project that would help lots of people achieve their goals!


Zeroing, limiting, trimming, reducing

Many participants suggested that we freeze the balance on the accounts of people, make tough restrictions on withdrawals, lower the referral commissions and take other drastic measures.

We don’t want to freeze anything. We’ll give the maximum green light to those who want to continue participating in the project and take part in its re-launching. This we will achieve by introducing just a few reasonable restrictions in the form of cash flows to ensure stability.


Many participants are complaining, asking us where our emergency fund we promised in the reserve fund rules is. In fact, it’s not difficult to guess that payouts made on Monday were from the reserve fund. Contributions during the week have not yet been collected, while payout requests have already been received. But in recent weeks, the reserve fund started to decline sharply, and when it was completely used up, we even had to alter the payout mechanics and start torrent payout.

So there is still a reserve fund and it will continue to exist. It is just that due to numerous requests, we will give participants the opportunity to make contributions to the reserve fund and we will also regularly publish the status of this fund in the public domain.


New participants

For participants who registered after February 26, cash flow is activated automatically during registration.