Identity Verification


Dear SuperKopilka members!


This guide will help you to complete the identity verification procedure correctly in your personal account. Verification is necessary for all SuperKopilka participants who received a new member bonus and those who need to fulfill verification at the request of the  SuperKopilka Security Service.


Paragraph 2.3 of the project rules:

 Identity Verification. Verification is necessary for increasing the security of the project and your involvement, so that we can make sure that you are exactly you, and not a fraudster or hacker who took over your account or created it for fraud purposes. Verification is mandatory for all new members who receive "$30 Beginner Assistance".



  • For participants who have received a new member bonus during registration, the withdrawal of funds is blocked until the identity verification is completed. 
  • For all participants who are required to verify their identity by the security service, the withdrawal of funds will also be blocked until the identity verification is completed.


We offer you the instruction for verifying your identity in your personal account.


A new tab has appeared on the main page of your account in the “My Profile "section  “ Verification “






In order to fulfill the identity verification, the participant should go to the “Verification “ tab in his personal account in the “My Profile " section and perform the following actions:

Fill out the form with your personal data so that the first and last name match the data specified in your personal account, as well as the data in the document that you use while verifying your identity. If the middle name is not included in your document, you do not need to specify it. Filling out the form is available in both Cyrillic and Latin letters.





After specifying your full name and gender, set your date of birth.




Then go to the line “Document type” and specify the document you are using for the verification. This can be a domestic or foreign passport, you can also use a driver's license.





In the next field, enter the series and number of the document.




In the next line, specify your citizenship.




The validity period of the document is not specified if it is not included in your document.

Then proceed to uploading photos. 


You need to upload two photos for the verification procedure.


The first photo is a photo of your document opened on the first page. You are not allowed to hide any data in your document. Photos with hidden data will not be accepted for consideration. The photo must have a resolution of at least 1280 pixels. 


The second photo is your selfie with your passport and the name of the project you are taking part in. In one hand you should hold a white sheet of paper with the words "Superkopilka" and on the top of that sheet you should place your unfolded document, as in the first photo. The photo must have a resolution of at least 1280 pixels. 



No information could be hidden in the photo of the documents. All your data should be perfectly visible, including date of birth and serial number of the document. If the photos do not meet the requirements, your application will be rejected with a related commentary, which you will receive at the email address specified in your personal account. 


If your photos are smaller than 1280 pixels, you will not be able to upload them.





After you fill in all the fields and upload your photos, then, if you wish you can write any information you want in the special field called “Your comment”. Then press “Create a request”. 




Your application goes to  SuperKopilka Security Service for review. While the application is under consideration, you will see the following information in the "Verification" tab. 





After your application has been approved and your identity has been verified, you will see the relevant information. 




Check out the video tutorial on how to get verified in "SuperKopilka":



Once your identity is verified, you have the option to apply for a withdrawal. It is also important for new members to “complete the full registration” in their personal account in order to be able to apply for a withdrawal. 


The member can submit a new application for verification in case their personal data has changed or when getting new documents. 


If you have any questions while fulfilling the verification procedure, you can contact technical support via feedback form on the website, choosing “Verification” as the appropriate topic of the request. 


Sincerely yours, 

"SuperKopilka" Team

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