From Philippines with gratefully

From Philippines with gratefully


My name is Rolando Anosa from cebu city Philippines i am an active member of supercashbox since last sept 2016 but because i am busy from the other program that year i did not give any atention on this program since all my program colapse i begun to find another program who is trusted and i remember supercashbox on that time since then i review and study the project and create goals. i have 16 active goals so far in order to test the system in there honesty i try to withraw funds from my acount worth 40 U.S dolar and its already on my advcash walet.

my plan for the future in this project is to create more goals until such time i will hit my target and also help this project continue growing through introducing this project in my country philippines as of now ive created goals under rentier program which is i feel good in my side.

i can see that this program will last for a lifetime because of the honesty of the admin and also the uniqueness of the project which is very deferent from the other program that i join before which leave me into rag. i thank in this project because i beliv it is the best project that will help me to recover to all my looses in other program.

so to all new participants i incourage you to create more goals here forget other program that will become scam soon.. thank you supercashbox….

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